Top 10 Biggest Data Centers In The World – Get The List Below

Nowadays, the technological interface has opened new doors of ease and sophistication for global businesses. Whereas, large companies have shifted their data to the cloud, and Cloud has made sure to serve all these businesses smartly. Nevertheless, the growth in cloud computing is unstoppable and we all have witnessed the pace at which it is growing. Nevertheless, with the increment in cloud-based businesses, cloud data storage requirement has also increased proportionately. If you are wondering which are the Top10 biggest data center in the wold then read the full article to know the details. So below in this article, you will find details about the list of top 10 biggest data centers in the world.

List Of Top 10 Biggest Data Centers In The World

China Telecom Data Centre

Size: 10.7 mn sq. ft

Location: China

First of all, this is also located in the Inner Mongolia Information Park, the title of the largest data center in the world is held by the China Telecom Data Centre. Whereas, it cover a grand total of 10.7 mn sq. ft and contains a cloud computing data center, call centers, warehouse, offices, and living quarters for staff”, according to the World Data Centre.

Mobile Hohot

Size: 7.7 mn sq. ft

Location: China

The second-largest is the China Mobile Hohot data center, which covers 7.7 mn sq. ft and cost $1.92bn to complete. The facility’s design is modular, allowing for further expansion of necessary. According to World Data Centres, Hohot provides concentrated network management, enterprise services, and research and development innovation for new technologies including TD-LTE 4G networking and cloud computing.

The Citadel

Size: 7.2 mn sq. ft

Location: United States Of America

Build and owned by Switch, the Citadel takes advantage of the company’s hyperloop network to deliver nine-millisecond latency to Los Angeles and San Diego, with a seven-millisecond connection to the company’s core facility, according to Computer World UK. In fact, this facility is also among the most innovative in the world, with over 260 patented innovations included in its construction and operation.

Harbin Data Centre

Size: 7.1 mn sq. ft

Location: China

Whereas, by covering 7.1 mn sq. ft, the facility, owned and operated by China Mobile, is one of the company’s flagship operations for telecommunication data and cloud-based computing. Although, Harbin consumes 150 megawatts of electricity. Like most data centers in China, 0% of the center’s power comes from renewable sources.

Kolos Data Centre

Size: 6.5 mn sq. ft

Location: Norway

The largest data center in Europe is located in a tiny village in Norway. Whereas, opening in the fourth quarter of 2018, the Kolos Data Centre will cover 6.5 mn sq. ft across four storeys, and is being billed as a hyper-scalable data center, with plans to consume up to 1000 megawatts of power by 2027.

Range International Data Centre

Size: 6.3 mn sq. ft

Location: China

Designed to meet the exploding needs of the Chinese IT sector, the Range’s construction was funded by a mixture of public and private funds, and was designed, built, and overseen by IBM. In fact, the structure consumes 150 megawatts of power and, since the center’s completion, the portion of Langfang’s GDP that comes from IT and Data Processing has risen above 20%, according to the Financial Times.


Size: 3.5 mn sq. ft

Location: United States Of America

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Switch SUPERNAP data center covers 3.5 mn sq. ft. By providing fiber optic-speed information retrieval to over 50 mn customers in the USA. Nevertheless, the infrastructure required to host one of the world’s largest data centers. In fact, it was originally installed in Las Vegas hundreds of miles from other technology centers by computing giant Enron.

Dupont Fabros Technology

Size: 2.1mn sq. ft

Location: Ashburn

Firstly, according to Computer World UK, the facility spans 160 acres, with capacity for over 10,500 servers, operating with a maximum load of 208 megawatts. Whereas, in June 2017, data center operator Digital Realty Trust announced plans to purchase Dupont Fabros Technology for a total sum of $7.6bn.

Lakeside Technology Centre

Size: 1.1 mn sq. ft

Location: United States Of America

The Lakeside Technology Centre is located in Chicago, Illinois, in a 1.1 mn sq. ft building. Also, it was renovated from its original purpose as a printing house for Sears Catalogue and Yellow Pages phone books. Whereas, this center is used by multiple companies, including IBM, Facebook, and CenturyLink. In fact, this location has some of the most redundant systems. With around 53 backup power generators to minimize the risk of any type of outage.

Tulip Data Centre

Size: 1 mn sq. ft

Location: India

Firstly, it is the country’s largest data center, covering 1mn sq. ft, with 12,000 server racks. Whereas, each supported by 100 megawatts of power. In fact, the facility was opened in 2012 and, at the time, was the world’s third-largest of its kind. The four towers were developed in partnership between Tulip Telecom Ltd and IBM in order to service over 2000 locations in India.


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