Top 10 Biggest Data Centers In Australia – Largest Servers In Australia

As cloud computing has become more popular within the past 10 years, we’ve seen an explosion of growth for cloud hosting companies in Australia. Whereas, cloud storage solutions have made headlines due to their ability to outsource data resource needs and cut costs for a more effective hosting solution. In fact, companies like Equinix and NextDC have been in headlines due to their plans to build large data centers in locations all over Australia. Even companies known for web security hope on the cloud train, including Russian-based anti-virus company Kaspersky. Below in this article, you will find details about the list of Top 10 Biggest Data Centers In Australia.

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List Of Top 10 Biggest Data Centers In Australia

Global Switch Sydney West

Size: 41,575m²

Global Switch’s Sydney campus is located on the western edge of the business district and houses two data centers, of which Sydney West is the larger. Sydney West has a maximum power supply capacity of 45MVA and offers 1,000W/m² density with higher power density solutions available. Whereas, the facility has an extremely high level of security and has both physical and digital barriers to data access. Sydney West features access to multiple global and regional carriers and ISP and has a management team on staff 24/7/365 to handle server issues.

Equinix SY3

Size: 22,618m²

Located in Alexandria, Equinix’s SY3 data center features a total power access of 20.25MW and has certifications for PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type2, and SOC 1 Type 2. SY3 is one among the 4 data centers on the Equinix Sydney campus and provides an upscale connection to Equinix’s digital ecosystem. SY3 has LEED Gold certification and is meant to be very energy efficient, including features like granular climate control and optimized lighting.

NextDC M1

Size: 6,000m²

Another NextDC data center, M1 is the number 1 ranked data center in the Melbourne market. This tier-III center operates at a total of 15MW power and is certified as a NABERS 5-star data center facility for energy efficiency, the only one in Victoria. Whereas, M1 has a 100% uptime guarantee and offers connections to the majority of Asia-Pacific networks. M1 is also the only Victorian Point-of-Presence for AWS Direct Connect which allows local, private access to your AWS cloud services.

NextDC S1

Size: 5,800m²

NextDC’s S1 data center is situated in the Macquarie Park technology zone. S1 is a tier-III enterprise-class colocation facility that offers services through major cloud providers, including AWS, IBM Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. S1 functions at the highest operational standard and has the very latest in data center technology news. With over 108 service providers, NextDC is ranked no 3 within the Sydney market and no. 4 in nationally.

Equinix ME1

Size: 3,326m²

First of all, ME1 is an Equinix owned data center built for the very specific purpose of International Business Exchange and serves over 30 providers, allowing them to attach to Equinix’s dark fiber network, on of the most important within the Australian IT market. ME1 is ranked no. 2 in the Melbourne market and no. 10 on the national market. If you can convert Austrian to any other currencies then visit.

Equinix SY1

Size: 3,088m²

Equinix SY1 is a component of Equinix International Business Exchange and is one of Australia’s most network dense sites. It is located within the Sydney suburb of Mascot and provides global interconnectivity opportunities for worldwide clients. Granular temperature monitoring and lighting controls deliver superior efficiency and protect sensitive data on one of the largest networks in the Asia-Pacific region. Of the 244 collocation facilities in Australia, SY1 is rated no. 1 within the Sydney market and serves over 179 providers.

NextDC P1

Size: 3,000m²

NextDC’s P1 data center offers next-gen connectivity for enterprise-class operations. NextDC offers several cloud platforms including AWS, IBM SoftLayer, Office 365, and Microsoft Azure. P1 is found about 13km northeast of Perth in Malaga and has access to major public and telecommunications infrastructure and servers over 64 providers. P1 is ranked no. 1 on the Perth market and no. 9 nationally.

NextDC B1

Size: 1,650m²

NextDC’s B1 data center is located in the heart of Brisbane. They offer connections to a number of the foremost used cloud platforms like AWS, IBM Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. B2 is actually the first of two data centers built by NextDC in Brisbane, the other being B2.

Equinix SY2

Size: 1,586m²

SY2 is a state of the art data center located in Equinix’s Sydney campus. SY2 provides cloud and IT services to over 75 service providers which connect to Equinix’s secure digital ecosystems. SY2 hosts some of the key players in Sydney’s capital markets and electronic payment industries. SY2’s colocation services have access to the Southern Cross Cable Head, giving connection to the majority of the Asia-Pacific region.

Vocus VDC-SYD01

Size: 897m²

VDC-SYD01 is one of Vocus’s numerous data centers that is located in Sydney. VDC-SYD01 serves more than 97 service providers and is one of the largest data centers in the New South Wales area. This is one of the biggest data center that is located in Australia.

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